Handouts for Professionals Vegan Set

Each of these handouts includes a space for you to digitally add your own logo and facility ID or practice information. These documents suggest only plant foods. With each document, you have a license to produce unlimited copies with your logo and facility info, but you may not alter the remaining content.  I retain the copyright (copyright is indicated on each document).   You can purchase the documents here or in person at professional trade shows, such as AND FNCE, AND affiliate conferences, and select medical conferences.  If you have a topic idea, please feel free to contact me. 

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Plant-Based Model
A basic model to stabilize your vegan clients' eating patterns for good health, good variety and goo..
Building a Better Breakfast
Breakfast doesn't need to be boring, and it shouldn't have your clients running for a sugary snack a..
Let's Do Lunch & Dinner
We all know packing a lunch is far healthier than carryout. With this useful guide. your clients can..
Summertime Salad Delights
Even if it's hot outside, your clients' dinners can be cold! With this handy guide, there's no need ..
Serving Size Guide
Hellp your clients understand what a serving actually is for any food. For each food group, the serv..
10 Beautiful Bean Ideas
Help your clients discover the many ways that beans can be delicious! With this appealing handout, c..
110 Sumptuous Simple Snacks
Literally, 110 snack ideas! I dare your clients not to find something they like! Clients can choose ..
Spice It Up!
Who said healthy food is boring? Your clients can spice up their recipes with these fifteen recipes ..
15 Ways to Vary Your Veggies
What's a healthy diet without veggies? Your clients can make them tasty and appealing for all ages w..
Sensational Soups
Eight tasty recipes for clients looking for lower-sodium soups, recipes for beans, or just delicious..
Foods to Help Low Iron Levels
Iron does not originate in meat. Iron originates in soil, making plant foods the primary vehicle of ..
Calcium Without the Cow
Like all minerals, calcium originates in soil. The right plant foods can deliver adequate calcium to..
Food As Medicine:  Actively Improving Cholesterol
Well-balanced vegan diets can successfully treat high cholesterol more effectively than omnivorous d..
Food As Medicine:  Actively Treating Hypertension
Well-balanced vegan diets can successfully treat high blood pressure more effectively than omnivorou..
Food as Medicine:  Stop Reflux with Food
Food habits are prime contributors to reflux and GERD, and changing food habits can help your client..